Wi-Fi problems and how to fix them

Paul K from Linsar offers some useful advice for anyone who is having Wi-Fi problems and trying to connect their Smart TV to their wireless home network.

In my opinion there is nothing more frustrating than a new device that doesn’t connect smoothly to your internet at home. Such struggles can interrupt your viewing pleasure on your Smart TV and stop you from catching up on your favourite programmes on BBC iPlayer!

Wi-Fi strength throughout your home does vary, but it can be increased when you consider what the possible variables are that might be reducing the strength of it.

At home I pay for cable internet that offers up to speeds of 30mb but I rarely receive this speed! I struggle to hit 3mb in my bedroom but in my lounge I get 19mb. I therefore suggest that you download an internet speed test app onto your smartphone (if possible) and run a test next to the Smart TV to see exactly what the Wi-Fi download speed is in the surrounding area. You might be surprised to discover that the actual download speed you are getting is lower than you thought. Our Smart TV’s need a connection speed of 4mb as a minimum, if this is not being achieved then the TV will not connect to the Smart portal.

Wi-Fi Problems - RouterYou can move the TV closer to the router. Signal levels will attenuate (gradually lose intensity) the further you get from the source of the signal, so try moving closer to your Wi-Fi router to see if the signal level increases. If after moving the TV closer to the router it connects and you no longer experience Wi-Fi problems, you may feel that a Wi-Fi booster could be of use to you.

Increase the radio power. Many routers have an option for adjusting the Wi-Fi signal level, so consult your router manual to see about increasing this level. Not only will this increase your router’s range, but it will also increase the quality of the signal and therefore increase your average connection speed (with the router, and not necessarily the internet).

Broadband Speed - Wi-Fi Problems

Homes in this day and age may have several devices connected to one router. This will stress the bandwidth and result in slower speeds across your home network – if you’d like to read more take a look at out Broadbands Speeds blog here.

Remove obstructions. The signal from the router may be grounded by large metal devices between the TV and the router. Therefore, if the TV is situated in an area with obstructions between it and the router, then try moving to an area where you have a clear path to the router. Sometimes piping or electrical wiring in walls can be enough to ground and attenuate the signal being sent to your device.

Wi-Fi Problems USB ExtenderTo help avoid Wi-Fi problems when using your Linsar Smart TV you will need to use the USB extension lead with the USB Wi-Fi dongle (both supplied in the box). Just plug the Wi-Fi dongle in to the USB extension lead then plug it in to one of the USB sockets behind the TV.


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