Which wall bracket do I need for my TV?

When you are looking to buy a wall bracket you are met with a multitude of different options including VESA sizes, Universal brackets, flat, tilt, swivel – it can get quite confusing when really its very simple!

Depending on where you would like to mount your TV there are different types of wall brackets available including:

  • Swivel – giving you the ultimate viewing flexibility, you are able to tilt and turn the TV
  • Flat – flat TV wall brackets are virtually invisible once mounted on the wall
  • Tilt – for when you are mounting your TV above viewing height and need to tilt the TV forward

When choosing a wall bracket the most important thing to look for is the VESA size. VESA is the industry standard term used to determine the size of the bracket you need to mount your TV on a wall.

To measure the size you need take a look at the back of the TV and measure the distance between the holes:

Wall Bracket VESA

For example this is the back of our 40″ Smart TV (40LED1700) and the distance between the holes is 200 x 200mm – this is the VESA size.

Most wall brackets available are ‘universal’ so can be adjusted to fit a variety of different screen sizes. Before you buy a bracket make sure to check the screen sizes it claims to fit and also the maximum weight the bracket can hold – you don’t want your TV falling off the wall!

All of our models are wall mountable and here is a table giving you a quick overview of the VESA sizes!

20” – 24” 75 x 75mm
28” 100 x 100mm
32” 200 x 100mm
40” – 42” 200 x 200mm
50” 400 x 400mm


We do hope this guide has given you all the information you need and you now feel more confident buying your wall bracket!


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