phpThumb_generated_thumbnailBack in 2006 when Directors Barry and Terry decided to create a new TV brand, one that would give value to both consumers and retailers alike, they needed to create a name that would really represent the brand’s story and principles.

Barry and Terry were jotting names down and it was Barry who came up with the idea to incorporate both their wives names, Lynne and Sarah – so then the name Linsar was born!

Once the brand name was created they then had to choose a logo, over 50 different designs were sent across for the guys to take a look at – here are some of the initial contenders!

It’s hard to imagine the logo being any of the others on these pages! The final version was chosen and so the brand and its identity was beginning to develop.

The logo has always been used as the primary identifier on all our products and communications; consistent usage of the logo is absolutely essential to ensure consumers and retailers recognise us!

Very recently during our rebrand we have slighty tweaked the logo, not so much that it is unrecognisable anymore but just a tidy up.

The logo now consists of two elements: the Linsar logo and the ‘Seeing is Believing’ tagline.

We worked with a great Marketing Agency called Zero Degrees West on our rebrand and are currently working behind the scenes on our new website.


Our brand name really is the starting point of our brand story and we know our retailers just LOVE telling their customers where it originates from and how we have grown over the last 9 years – they are part of the story after all!


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