Sky Q – take your recordings with you

Last week Sky announced their new Sky box, Sky Q. With a multitude of awesome features we thought we’d give you the low down on the top 7!

Sync your recordings from your Sky Q box to your tablet and take them wherever you go! Being able to transfer your recordings to a mobile device and view offline is a massive win for Sky, every commuters dream!

multi_programmesWith Sky Q Silver you can record a massive 4 shows whilst watching a fifth! With 4 times as much storage, the Silver box has a whopping 2TB, you’ll never miss a show again.

Enjoy your shows in any room you choose by plugging in a Sky Q Mini box – the same Sky experience without the need for more satellite cables! Secondary boxes that are similar to the multi-room boxes – albeit with more to offer.

pause_record_functionThe new Q Play allows you to pause what you are watching in one room and pick it up on another TV in another room or on your tablet.

New sidebar menu with access to a range of apps and your own photos. My Q also allows you tosee new series at a glance, recommendations based on your viewing and also continue watching recordings.

media_hubSupercharge your Wi-Fi as Sky Broadband turns Sky Q boxes into Wi-Fi hotspots giving you the strongest Wi-Fi signal and the best coverage throughout your home

And lastly, as reported by Tech Radar, with the launch date set for early 2016 Sky has been clear that, at launch, there will be no 4K Ultra HD functionality. But it has confirmed the box’s internal componentry will allow for UHD in the future.


There hasn’t been any information on pricing as of yet, if you’d like to receive updates from Sky then sign up here and we’ll also keep you posted!


Information gathered from Sky and Tech Radar


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