With the cancel button, you can quickly release the contents of your toaster for quick removal. There’s also a reheating setting to warm your toast back through without burning the bread.


Prevent tangled wires or messy worktops with this model’s handy cord storage. Simply retract the power cord back into the toaster’s body when not in use, freeing up the space.


This appliance features a removable crumb tray, making it easy to clean. All you need to do is slide out the tray to remove any crumbs and debris from inside the model.

Stylish Design

Select a shade to suit your home interior style. This Linsar toaster comes in a sleek finish to suit any kitchen.



H: 18mm W: 25mm D: 16mm

Cordless: Yes

Material: Metal Housing

Number of Slices: 2

Crumb Tray: Yes

Crumb Tray Type: Removable

Toast Darkness Setting: Yes

Functions: Reheat and Defrost

Controls: Cancel Button


Colour and ease of use

Linda , 17/08/18
Yes I recommend this product

Well laid out controls and attractive design.

No easy way to store the mains plug.

Paul , 17/08/18
Yes I recommend this product

Love the colour!

Priscilla , 17/08/18
Yes I recommend this product

I like the look of it and it makes nice toast. It doesn't over dry the bread.

The cord is too short. If I didn't have enough outlets at the worksurface it would be difficult to place with such a short cord. Not all the bread toasts evenly; the top doesn't brown the same as the middle and the bottom is slightly more done.

Kath , 09/08/18
Yes I recommend this product

Simple and does the job well.
Browning level dial could be easier to see setting selected

Rick , 06/08/18
Yes I recommend this product

Makes good toast

Philip , 13/07/18
Yes I recommend this product
Confirmed Purchaser

even toast - control knob not clear enough/difficult

Yes I recommend this product

Recommended by Which.

1) The elements in the centre of the heating panels do not glow brightly. But so far this does not affect the overall browning of the bread.
2) It is difficult to see the arrow on the heat control. We have solved this problem by putting a drop of white paint on the pointer.
3) The cardboard case had a small sign of impact damage nad the case of the appliance had small (1 cm) dent in it.

John , 10/07/18
Yes I recommend this product

Good even browning of toast.Easy to clean.Smart looking

Ted , 09/07/18
Yes I recommend this product

Uneven toasting, exterior gets very hot.

Jean , 07/07/18
Yes I recommend this product

Works well and toasts well

Minor point - the colour selector is a bit hard to read but as I leave it on the same setting it is not a problem.

Dorothy , 06/07/18
Yes I recommend this product

It toasts just right for me on the lower end of the settings

It is not easy to read the numbers on the setting button without turning the toaster. It would have been better
to have the numbers placed so it would
be easy to see them.

Audrey , 03/07/18
Yes I recommend this product

Toasted evenly.
Toaster walls got very hot.

Barbara , 02/07/18
Yes I recommend this product

I love the green colour and the curved shape. It makes it different from others!

Sandra , 28/06/18
Yes I recommend this product

Temperature setting knob difficult to read due to shiny materials used.

Colin , 07/02/18
Yes I recommend this product