“Linsar has long been a go-to brand for affordable TVs; the last we saw in 2012 impressed with its competitive picture and affordable price. The focus is different here. The X24-DVD (rightfully) prides itself on better sound, and with the typical cost of a smart-inclusive Full HD TV of this size around £200, does ask a premium for it.
Is it too much? Probably, considering the TV’s exclusion of smarts. We’d like a more natural-looking picture for a fifth star, too. But for those craving a louder, fuller and more exciting sound for movies or gaming that you usually don’t get from TVs of this size (or bigger, even) and have the cash to spend, the Linsar X24-DVD will make a great little telly for a second room. We know a good idea when we see one, and this TV/soundbar combo is exactly that.