Looking for a good series to get stuck into? Check out some of our Top TV Picks for 2015!


The Last Ship – After a global pandemic wipes out over 80% of the world’s population, the crew of a lone unaffected U.S Navy destroyer must try to find a cure, stop the virus, and save humanity from extinction. It is an exciting action adventure that leaves you wanting more – it is very watchable.


Extant PosterSteff

Extant – This gripping Sci-Fi drama, that had me hooked from the beginning, tells the story of astronaut Molly Woods who is played exceptionally by Halle Berry. Molly returns home from a 13 month solo mission in space and whilst she is adjusting to life back home you find out that she hasn’t returned alone. Her experiences in space and on Earth lead to events that could change the course of human history – a truly immersive show with intertwined storylines, challenging moral questions and cliff hangers to keep you coming back for more

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Once Upon a Time – Emma Swan reunites with her son Henry and returns to his hometown of Storybrooke; she soon finds out the town is much Once-Upon-a-Timemore than it seems. All of the classic fairy-tale characters we know and love are frozen in time with no memories of their former selves – except for the Evil Queen. As the epic “Final Battle” for the future of both worlds approaches, Emma will have to accept her destiny and break the curse. The way they play with the relationships between established characters from different stories is really interesting; it also gives a lot of new history on how each character came to be what they are. My favourite character is Rumplestiltskin, his devious intelligence and Machiavellian plotting is fascinating.


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