Looking for the perfect gaming monitor

Paul A gives us the low down on why he thinks the X24-DVD is the perfect gaming monitor!

I started working for Linsar on 20th February 2014 as a Bench Technician and in August that year became Technical Manager. In that position I was informed that we were going to bring a new, innovative product to the market – a truly “one of a kind” TV.

X24-DVDB_1We received an evaluation model of the X24-DVD and once we had set it up and begun testing it I began to wonder whether there was another use for this amazing piece of kit. The sound from the soundbar had a rich, vibrant bass and a definition and range I had never heard from a 24” TV before; this coupled with a superb 1080p HD panel with a wide colour palette and 75Hz refresh rate got me thinking about the potential to use the new, unique TV as a gaming monitor.

I have been playing games now for over 30 years since I got my first computer, a Commodore 64, back when I was 11 years old – best Christmas present I think I’ve ever had!!

One of the first games I got for my Commodore was Elite, a space simulator. It was released in 1984 and was one of the first if not THE first ever true “sandbox” game. I spent a lot of time playing and eventually got to the rank of Elite – which took 3 years of playing almost every day to achieve!

I became aware of the re-release of Elite in its shiny, new form (Elite:Dangerous) about 3 months before it was officially released, as a suggested Facebook page that I might be interested in. Needless to say I was straight in there and became a Beta backer, involved in the last test phases prior to the actual release date on 16th December 2014.

I mentioned my thoughts to our Directors about the possible gaming application of the X24-DVD and they seemed a little surprised at first but suggested I bring in my gaming laptop and connect the two to see whether this would provide the solution I had been looking for.

X24-DVDB_EliteI did, the very next day, and the results were a true delight to behold! I thought my laptop was awesome, the sound quality good, the picture quality likewise. Then I simply connected a HDMI lead between my laptop and the X24-DVD. As I launched Elite:Dangerous my jaw dropped, the picture was beautiful and the sound amazing. The depth and quality of both was phenomenal, it is something that has to be experienced to believe.

As I tested the possibilities of the TV as a gaming monitor my amazement grew; the sound (and feel, I had it up quite loud!!) of my favourite ship’s engines under thrust gave me that full immersion in the game that I had been seeking for so long. The sheer quality of the picture brought out the visions that I had in my head when I was 11 years old to perfection.


Fancy testing one out for yourself? Find your local Linsar retailer here!

We think it is a great Christmas present idea for any keen gamer!


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