Enjoy films as they are meant to be enjoyed with the Linsar Soundbase10

Sound is a major part of the TV experience and brings a whole other dimension to your viewing. From loud, action packed fight scenes to laugh a minute comedy – you don’t want to miss any part of it!

With the introduction of ultra-thin flatscreen LED TV’s in recent years, sound has been the feature that has taken the hit for making this possible; the depth of televisions has become very thin and therefore not leaving much room for a good sized speaker.

Whilst we are actively seeking solutions for this, check out our products with a Built In Soundbar here, we also want to help customers who already have a Linsar product, or any TV in fact, and so we have launched our very own Soundbase.

SoundbaseThe Linsar Soundbase10 promises to produce a punchy, full bodied sound and fills any room with powerful bass. Encased in a smart charcoal design it is practically built to sit underneath the TV utilising previously unused space.

With impressive 80W speakers, featuring 2 x 20W speakers plus a 40W integrated Subwoofer, the Soundbase10 also features Music, Movie and News sound effects, USB charging and Bluetooth connectivity. An ergonomic remote control and LED display make this unit so easy to use; Aux, Audio, Optical and Coaxial also make it easy for connecting up too!

Enjoy films as they are meant to be enjoyed with incredible sound, look out for our Soundbase10 – available now!


  • Do check the connections on both devices before buying!
  • Do evaluate the room – Room size and object location are important to evaluate, and did you know rooms with few plants and photos on the wall will have an undesirable echo quality to the acoustics?
  • Do use top quality cables


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