We want your Linsar experience to be hassle-free, so if you’re having any problems setting up or using your product, just drop us a line and one of our experienced technicians will be there to help you.

HELPLINE: 01202 723330

The helpline is open from 9am-5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am-4:30pm on Friday (excluding bank holidays). If your call falls outside these hours just leave us a message and we will return your call, we promise!

We can also be contacted by email at:


We have been notified that the Skype app will no longer be supported on Smart TVs. Skype have decided to stop supporting the many manufacturers who have been working with them on their ‘Skype Open Program’ and building the Skype app into their TVs. The decision not to support the Skype app on a large number of TVs has come out of the blue and affects a number of TV manufacturers. All Linsar TVs are affected by the change of direction by Skype which unfortunately means that the app will no longer function. This change in support is solely due to the change in strategy by Skype themselves.


How do I get the best TV signal for Freeview?

To view television channels correctly, a good quality digital signal must be received by the set from one of the following sources:

  • An outdoor aerial
  • A cable television network

Then plug the aerial or cable network input cable to the 75 Ohms coaxial socket on the rear of the television. We do not advise the use of an indoor aerial, as interference may be frequent and stronger and affect the viewing.

It is advisable to have an aerial installed by a professional installer to ensure optimum performance.

An excellent source of information relating to all aspects of the Freeview service can be found on the Freeview web site. It answers questions about reception problems and potential engineering works being carried out on your local Freeview transmitter.

Please visit

If you have more than one Freeview television in your home and you keep getting picture break up (little squares or pixilation of the picture) on one of the sets in the home, possibly on the bedroom set, you may want to do the following:

  • Take that television to another aerial socket, in the lounge for instance as this aerial point will more than likely have a stronger signal.
  • Run a Full First Time Installation on the television.
  • Take the television back to the room where it was originally and turn it on. This should fix the pixilation as it was tuned in using a stronger signal, there is no need to retune it once it is plugged back in.

The Sky Codes we have been provided are:

0081, 0584, 0061, 1695, 1191, 1177, 0065

Please follow this link to the Sky website that will guide you through the set up procedure.

BT Vision remote codes are:

0000, 0016, 0019, 0152, 0184, 0197, 0198, 0225, 0244, 0324, 0325, 0339, 0319, 0669, 0725

Virgin remote code is:


YouView remote code is:




This issue can be resolved in the majority of cases by applying a simple software update as you would with a computer whose software has developed a slight glitch.

Please contact Linsar on 01202 723330 to obtain the software update, quoting the serial number from the rear of the set and instructions on how to perform the update.

This is a simple procedure which can be performed in under 5 minutes and will rectify this fault in the majority of cases meaning you will not need to send your TV for repair and can resume viewing with the minimum of inconvenience. You will need a USB stick to perform the procedure, this can be supplied preloaded if required.

Please email and we will send you an electronic version. If you do not have an email address please call our helpline 01926 818231 and request a copy. Please have your full Linsar model number ready.

We do sell replacement Linsar remotes as well as stands and power supply cables, please either call the helpline on 01926 818231 and speak to one of the team or email quoting your model number and telephone number and we will give you a call to confirm the price. Please note we can take Visa or Mastercard to process the payment over the phone.

Linsar Televisions will actively search for new Freeview and Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) updates at around 3am most days. If the set is switched on in standby it will pick up and download any available updates that are being transmitted over the service frequency. During this time the TV will display a pulsating red LED light on the front. Please do not turn off the set during this period, as it will only have to re-start the download at a later date. The light on the front of the set will cease pulsating once the download is complete. The length of time this takes will vary but shouldn’t be in excess of around 2 hours.

You may have more than one device connected to your Linsar TV. A high definition cable or satellite box, a Blu-ray DVD player or maybe a VCR tape player for instance. Please see the table below that shows you what source the TV needs to be on in order to receive the signal from each device.

SOURCE Menu Option Function of the TV you want to use
TV/DTV Freeview television from your aerial
EXT or SCART Devices connected to your TV via a SCART lead
HDMI 1,2 OR 3 High Definition sources (any device that connects to your TV via a HDMI Lead)
FAV or SIDE AV Composite Video (e.g. a camcorder, stills camera or Nintendo Wii)
DVD To use the built in DVD player on your Linsar TV (Available on DVD combi models only)
YPbPr Component Video (Green, Blue, Red cables)
VGA/PC Using a VGA lead connected to a computer


Either using the built in programme guide (up to 7 days in advance) by pressing the EPG button on the remote control and scrolling to select a TV show that you wish to record. Press OK on the remote control to bring up event options, scroll and select RECORD. A red outline will then be placed around the programme to show you it has been booked for recording.

Pressing the record button on your remote control can also make instantaneous recordings. Once recorded the programme will be saved onto your USB device. A whole library of recordings can be saved and managed*

*dependant upon the size of the USB memory device.

This could indicate a problem with the way the SCART lead is connected up, please check the following:

  • Check that the device connected to the Linsar TV is turned on
  • Ensure the source selection on the Linsar TV is set to display the input from the SCART socket (please refer to the source select table above)
  • Please disconnect the SCART cable from both the back of the Linsar TV and the device, have a look at the individual pins on both ends of the SCART cable ensuring they are not bent out of place in any way
  • Line up each end of the SCART lead taking care to ensure each pin is housed correctly into it’s corresponding hole in the socket and plug the SCART lead back into the TV and device