A recent post on Which? conversation is calling for manufacturers to improve the sound quality on televisions. The focus in recent years has been on having an ultra slim flatscreen LED TV and, of course, this means ultimately making the depth of the television very thin and therefore not leaving much room for a good sized speaker.

Whilst the introduction of sound bars into the market has made it easier for consumers to have a complete surround sound experience, the original sound quality of the television is usually forgotten about. Furthermore, adding a sound bar can make the whole TV purchase very costly; particularly as an add-on to smaller screen sizes.

As a manufacturer who listens to the consumer, we’ve been aware of this issue and so have been actively looking for a solution. So at the end of 2014 we introduced our unique X24-DVD – the first 24” LED TV with built in sound bar and Bluetooth connectivity.

This product has a real focus on the sound without compromising on the picture quality. The X24-DVD is just the beginning for the development of sound within the Linsar range and we hope to expand the built in sound bar across several different screen sizes in the future.


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