Do you use Virgin TiVo at home? Well make sure you know these 4 ways to ensure you never miss your favourite series again!

1. Record EVERYTHING (well near enough)

Does everyone in the house want to watch something different? With so much great TV to watch, it’s easy to see why. Luckily, the Virgin TiVo service makes it easy for everyone (at least 4 people anyway!) to watch want they want.

You can record two shows while you are watching a third, or you can even record three shows while you watch something you’ve recorded earlier – amazing! So no one needs to miss out on the TV they love, everyone is happy.

Also if you delete something by accident, no need to worry. TiVo keeps all recently deleted files safe so you can recover them and watch them when you want, just go to the Recently Deleted folder, select the show you want to keep and select Recover this show.

2. Set up a Series Link

Set up Series Links for your favourite shows and your TiVo box will record every episode for you each week – easy peasy.

  • Press the Guidebutton on your TiVo remote.
  • Highlight the show you’d like to record and press the Recordbutton
  • Select Get a Series Linkand your Series link will be created and added to Manage My Series Links for you.

3. Forgot to set up your recordings? Do not worry!

So you’re out and suddenly it hits you that you forgot to set your TiVo box to record…

Don’t panic. Just grab your smartphone or tablet (iOS) and by using the Virgin TV Anywhere app you can remotely schedule your recordings. (Android users can record remotely too. Just search for our TV Guide in the Play Store.)

4. Go back in time

Your TiVo box lets you scroll back in time using the TV Guide and watch any BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 programme from the last seven days that displays a Catch Up symbol.


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